Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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As you can see, I've attempted to start blogging again. I realized, though, that most of my blog posts are about things I've found online and gotten excited about. So, basically, I'm an aggregator. Rather than putting so much effort into telling people what I like, I have another idea. Anyone who is interested in what I read online can go to my page. is a social bookmarking site. I don't really pay any attention to the "social" aspect of it and just use it as an online bookmarking site. That way if I'm at any one of the three computers I regularly use, I can access all of my hundreds and hundreds of bookmarks (1930 at the time of this post).

I tag nearly every page I go to, unless it's so boring or stupid I just think I will never ever, in the future history of the internet, want to see that page again. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I will admit that is not nearly as pretty as my blog here.

And, actually, in writing this post, I recalled a little more about why I used to blog. I can put my spin on things as I explain them to my friends. I actually like explaining things to people (unless in my snobery I think they're stupid for not already knowing them). One of those topics I kind of like talking about is metatagging. I don't know if it's still as "hot" as it used to be, but it is all over the place. As I can see below the text box I'm typing in, even Blogger has jumped on that band wagon. Maybe I'll talk about that one tomorrow.

I just noticed something else about Blogger's tagging system: it's fucking stupid. I can't tag something "me" without Blogger automatically replacing it with "Meat Loaf", or "blog" without it autofilling "blogger".

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