Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Coors Robot

Coors is a large place. A very large place. I was under Clear Creek today while still inside the brewery. And I keep saying things that keep getting me strange looks and chuckles. I'm helping perform a printer inventory which means tracking down every printer in the five mile Coors valley, putting a little bar code sticker on it, and doing a bunch of paperwork on each one. The other day I was putting the bar codes on printers and I was like, "Man, if I was a robot I could put these on straight every time."

Yesterday my mind was being boggled by all the locations I was being led to to find tucked-away and hard to find printers. I, of course, was thoroughly lost, confused, and discombobulated (side note: surprisingly the Firefox and Blogger spellcheckers have discombobulated as a real word). I was imagining releasing robots on helicopter rotors with cameras to map the entire brewery so we could make a digital map for Unreal Tournament or Counter-Strike or some other similar 3D game engine, and then wishing I could have just been doing it the whole time with my brain and I was like, "Man, if I was a robot I would never get lost." It was rich.

Really, I'd prefer to be a cyborg. My questions about the mind-body problem make me reluctant to sign up for a mind transfer to a completely mechanical body. Yep, I'm a nerd.